Social Media Management Services

Social Media has become an extremely popular and powerful force in online marketing. Its popularity across the board in the digitalised world makes it an essential part of most businesses' online presence. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to market directly to individuals, particularly through mobile devices. Alongside Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords Marketing, Social Media Marketing is an increasingly strong element in the three-pronged Digital Marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, amongst others, are excellent at driving traffic to your site. PRSEOSERVICES Social Media Services can help you set up your Social Media channels correctly, manage your Social Media strategy, and ensure you keep on top of any new tips and hints for driving business/brand awareness through effective management of Social Media.

Individual explanations of the major Social Media channels/tools can be found below:

Twitter – like all Social Media, with Twitter it is a case of "working it", following appropriate groups, companies, individuals etc and engaging with them. Limitations on the amount of characters (140) that a Tweet can contain can be overcome using URL such as Bitly URL or TINY URL.

Facebook – this is a really good tool for posting info, getting your Facebook Friends to act as free marketing promoters passing on good info / updates they see by posting them on their pages and it can go viral from there.

LinkedIn – a great tool for linking with professional groups, individual professionals etc, it's possible to over time get good connections in the various areas you are targeting and again publish information and generally use this as a tool to drive targeted business into the Company.

You Tube/Vimeo – these are great Channels for posting videos that can either be standalone or integrated with your website, also can be linked all together with other Channels (eg Facebook, Twitter etc); it's proven people engage very well when shown video online. Generally YouTube is better for Google SEO (as Google own YouTube) but Vimeo is more professional; consideration though should be given to both.

Google+ – this is not hugely popular as a social network, but from a Google SEO perspective it's important to set up this channel and have a link on your home page. Google+ can be linked to a Google Maps and a Google Places Listing, providing additional ways for your site to rank on Google.




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